Luke’s Food Tour of Morocco

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My Moroccan adventure is young and fresh but I am super excited to be taking you to Morocco, a land full of colour, intrigue and great food. Once again I am teaming up with Bill from Outback Beds Tours to craft this food adventure.

Bill’s Moroccan adventure started some decades ago. His two older sisters Pauline and Mary were escaping cold London in the hip 70’s and looking for a warm and
exotic week of adventure. As adventures do, one thing led to another and Pauline married Morad the tour guide (quite the scandal) and went on to live many years
in Tangiers in Northern Morocco. Some years later Bill visited the family in Morocco. Bill found himself in charge of three young multi-lingual children, the keys to a Renault 4 and a house helper who didn’t speak English while Pauline just “popped over to Paris” to get new passports for the children while her husband, Morad left on a month long tour.

The adventure began. Pauline was gone “quite some time”. Bill mastered the Renault 4, loaded up the kids and started exploring on day trips from Tangiers. Within these months, and many subsequent visits to Morocco, Bill has travelled extensively in Morocco and has immersed himself in its food and culture. One of Bill’s great passions in life has been cooking Moroccan food. He has passed this enthusiasm and his great cooking skills (he made me say that) on to me.

Morocco is a big country but in our two weeks we will comfortably cover a lot of ground and enjoy the best of what it has to offer. We will explore the imperial cities, the mountains and the deserts. Whilst we travel around we will focus on all things delicious but have a particular interest in the food and the culture of food. Morocco. Just saying it conjures up the aroma of delicious tagines, images of bustling souks, the labyrinths of the medinas (ancient walled cities) and the vibrant colours of the spice stalls. We will visit food markets, have guest cooks prepare meals, eat at good restaurants and do a little cooking ourselves.

Morocco is a relatively liberal Muslim country (though it still pays to dress modestly) and is still strong in culture and traditions ready for you to discover for yourselves. Our interpreter and professional guide is Bill’s brother-in-law, Morad.

He will be leading us on our carefully crafted tour where we will boldly go in search of the traditions, culture, architecture, nature and, most of all, the fabulous food of Morocco.

This is a small group tour and includes travel, accommodation, food and entry to a great number of sites and activities. Morad, Bill and I are very much looking forward to a fun adventure together.

We will see you all in Casablanca in May.


Luke Page